MovieBox Pro on Roku Tv Installation 2021

MovieBox Pro on Roku TV. Roku TV is a one of the best methods in recent times to view the movies and shows with lots of features on the internet. It’s very easy way to play quality or HD content via streaming channels while staying connected to the high-speed Internet. Therefore, when it comes to apps such as MovieBox Pro and apps like showbox are the best ways to enhance your experience of watching the latest movies on the Roku. Therefore, in this tutorial you will get to know the best way to Watch MovieBox Pro on Roku TV.

How to watch MovieBox Pro on Roku

moviebox pro on roku

MovieBox Pro is not supported by Roku officially. Because MovieBox Pro is not an official channel of Roku TV. But still the users who want to stream MovieBox Pro on Roku to their devices can make use of the alternate methods like Screen mirroring method which will be explained in this article.

Users need to notice the most important thing while downloading the installation of this application, they need an invitation code from MovieBox Pro official team to use the app and to watch the movies. You can avail it in 2 ways:

  1. You have to mail to the below mentioned e-mail ID from your registered email ID and request for invitation code:
  2. Or else you can use the alternate method to avail the invitation code using Facebook group of MovieBox Pro. Join in this group and ask for Invitation code.

How to enable Screen mirroring mode on Roku Android, Windows and iOS Devices

Before using screen mirroring option on Roku, the users have to do follow the prerequisites and below mentioned guidelines and enable the screen mirroring mode.

  1. Primarily you need to associate your Roku with your Smart TV.
  2. Now, Navigate to Settings option on your Roku.
  3. Under System option, tap on choose the About option and check whether your Roku is running in the updated version. If not update it manually.

For Android and Windows devices:

  • Now, under same System option search and go for Screen Mirroring mode option.
  • opt either Always Allow or Prompt option from the drop down.

For iOS devices:

  • Choose Apple Airplay Option and Home Kit option under System section category.
  • Click and select enable the Apple Airplay and Home Kit Settings for your device.

How to Screen mirror MovieBox Pro on Roku using Android Smartphone

  • Download the latest version of Moviebox pro apk in your android device.
  • Install the application in your android device. Accept terms and conditions and allow for storage access.
  • Sign up for MovieBox Pro if you are the user with first time access with your mobile number and mail address.
  • Now, connect your Android Smartphone and Your Roku to the same Wi-Fi connection or else it won’t be happen. Make sure both are connected to the same connection.
  • In the Notification panel of your Smartphone or you can able to see the casting option while playing the video, choose the Cast option.
  • This will scan for devices around you ask your instruction to go ahead with screen mirroring.
  • Your Roku device will appear in the drop-down list, choose it.
  • Now your Smartphone android screen will be mirrored on your Roku connected TV.
  • Open the MovieBox Pro App on your Smartphone and play the Movie/ TV show you wish to watch on your big screen.
  • And that’s how screen mirror option works in android devices. So, it’s time for happy streaming of MovieBox Pro on Roku.

How to Airplay MovieBox Pro on Roku using iPhone/ iPad

  • Open your iOS device, download the latest version of Moviebox pro app for iOS.
  • Install the iOS app of MovieBox Pro with the help of the downloaded application and accept the storage access and the application terms and conditions.
  • Sign up for MovieBox Pro with your email ID or phone number if you are using this application for the first time.
  • Ensure that same Wi-Fi connection is connected to your iPhone/ iPad and Roku. Navigate to the Control centre on your iOS device and choose the Screen Mirroring option from the drop down.
  • Then, you will be able to see the list of devices that are around you. Select your Roku and click on OK.
  • As of now, your iOS device is ready to play the content. Open the MovieBox Pro App in your iOS device and watch it on your Roku.

How to Screen Mirror MovieBox Pro on Roku using Windows PC

  • Head to the Web browser (Chrome or Mozilla based on your preference) on your Windows PC. Install the MovieBox Pro App for PC that is specified for Windows.
  • As above said, sign up for MovieBox Pro with your phone number or email ID and get your MovieBox Pro account verified. Please make sure to connect both your Windows PC and Roku to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • On your Windows PC, navigate to the Action centre options. For screen mirroring, you have to choose the option Connect. Click the Connect tile. As the list of devices appear in the drop down, choose your Roku.
  • Play the video or movie in your windows PC, that you want to watch on your Roku.


Here, as a result we came to a conclusion on How to Watch Moviebox Pro on Roku TV. I have explained in detail about all the devices that are generally used by the people all around the world. Follow the above-mentioned methods to get your movies watch on Roku. If you face any trouble while downloading or installing, please post your query in the below comment box. Share this article with your friends who are looking for the same.

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